865,00 incl. VAT

Sex Doll 165cm in stock

Lola 165cm sex doll big cup

 1,071,00 incl. VAT

Sex Doll 158cm in stock

Chanel 158cm sex doll small cup

 981,00 incl. VAT

We supply sex dolls from stock, with a choice of about 80 different ones. You will receive your order within 2-3 working days (Europe). If you order before 13:00, we can often deliver the next working day (Benelux / Germany). Of course you can not see from the packaging what is being sent, the shipping is discreet!

We also have custom sex dolls with delivery time, which you can find here. You can adjust these dolls as desired.

There are different names for this kind of sex dolls; lovedoll, sexdoll, realdoll, of course you also have the inflatable dolls. The sex dolls are supplied under different brands, the best known is of course Realdoll. This is the brand that invented the product in the past, dolls of this brand go from 4500 euros. In recent years, several manufacturers have started making these products. Because the earnings model of these manufacturers is different, they sell them at much lower prices. They prefer to sell in large numbers. We have the exclusive right to offer MyDoll sex dolls in Europe. These are of very good quality for a very good price. Of course our sex dolls are completely made of silicone (TPE) and have a metal skeleton, so they can be used in all positions. You can use her orally, vaginally and anally. Sex with our sex dolls feels very realistic, with careful use they last a long time.

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