Product information

Names and brands of the sex dolls

There are different names for this kind of sex dolls; Lovedoll, Sexdoll, Sexpop, Realdoll, of course you also have the inflatable dolls. The sex dolls are supplied under different brands, the best known is of course Realdoll. This is the brand that invented the product in the past, dolls of this brand go from 4500 euros. In recent years, multiple manufacturers have started making these products. Because the earnings model of these manufacturers is different, they sell them at much lower prices. These prefer to sell in large numbers. We have the exclusive right to offer the sex dolls of MyDoll in the Netherlands. These are of very good quality for a very good price. Of course our sex dolls are completely made of silicone (TPE) and have a metal skeleton, so they can be used in all positions. You can use her orally, vaginally and anally. Sex with our sex dolls feels very realistic, with careful use they last a long time.


We advertise our dolls with a name and an available body type. The color of the body and face can differ per photo, this is due to the lighting during the photo session.

When we describe the skin color with Tan, you receive a tanned white woman, this body also fits well with Asian types as a color. This color goes well with blonde and dolls with dark hair.

When the sex doll states that it is a Natural color, this is best compared to a light fair skin.

In addition, we have sex dolls with different cup sizes, which are described as large, normal and small. The large cup size can be compared to an F cup of a real woman, the normal cup can be compared to a C cup and the small cup can be compared to an A-B cup.

All ladies are available with all body types. If you find a certain sex doll very beautiful, but you do not see it on our site with the right body, please contact us. We can combine all ladies with the desired body type.

Overview of body types (example)

Name140cm F cup145cm A cup158cm C cup158cm F cup165cm F cup

Here you can view the different body types.

The difference between the cup sizes is clear, now there is a difference in length in the models. You have to imagine that the bigger the sex doll, the more material is incorporated in the sex doll. A 165cm F cup doll is larger in length than a 158cm F cup doll, but also wider and therefore fuller. If you are not able to make a choice, please contact us, we are happy to help you make the right choice. You can also visit us and see the difference.


All heads can be combined with all body types, some combinations are not on our site, please contact us. We will then ensure that you receive the product to your liking.

Hair colour

In the photo you see the sex doll depicted with a hair color, you choose the color that we supply, you can choose between brown, black and blonde. For the 140cm, 145cm, 158cm and 165cm sex dolls you can order extra wigs in accessories in other colors. These can be exchanged on your sex doll. The wig goes through a strap around the neck of the sex doll.


In the photo you see the sex doll depicted with a color of eyes, you choose the color that we supply, you can choose brown, green and blue. You can buy extra eyes for all sex dolls, these are easy to change. You will find the extra eyes between the accessories in our webshop.


All sex dolls come with a lingerie set, which often differs from what you see in the picture. Each sex doll comes with a random lingerie set. Of course you can buy lingerie for your doll at specialty stores. It does not immediately mean that a woman’s lingerie fits directly on this. It is wise to buy a number of sets, fit them and bring the sets that do not fit back to the store.


We supply all our sex dolls with a fixed vagina, to offer our customers the most realistic experience possible. If you prefer to receive a sex doll with an interchangeable vagina, please contact us, we can deliver this with a delivery time. Often we can deliver it within 2 working days, otherwise it has a delivery time between 3 to 4 weeks. We charge an additional price of € 50,- for this option.

Extra options

Options such as standing feet and pubic hair are also available and can in some cases also be delivered immediately, otherwise we charge a delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks for this. For standing feet we charge € 50 extra, for pubic hair on your sex doll we charge € 50 extra. Contact us for this option. When you buy a sex doll without standing feet option, it is not recommended to put it upright (standing). The weight of the doll can damage the sole of the foot.

All sex dolls have a fixed vagina, these are also available with a loose vagina, which means that you can remove it. We prefer the fixed vagina because it feels much more realistic during use. The 100cm sex dolls are only available with a fixed vagina, if you would like a doll with a loose vagina, that is of course possible in the 140/145/158 and 165cm, these do have a delivery time. Please contact us for this.