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We are all getting older and this can be quite lonely. In addition, many elderly people still have the desire to have sex, this can lead to great frustration if this wish is not met. As a result, it may happen that staff and other residents of a care institution are harassed by the clients, this also applies to clients in the care for the disabled.

In earlier times there were ” jars ” from the government that made it possible for this target group to visit ladies of light morals, nowadays this group is often sidelined and conditions are becoming increasingly pressing.

Solutions for employees and patients in healthcare

More and more healthcare institutions are looking for a solution to this problem and find this by offering lifelike sex dolls, better known as Realdolls, to the clients. There are healthcare institutions where clients each have their own sex doll and can use it whenever they want, but there are also healthcare institutions that use a separate room and offer a sex doll to the clients there.

Materials of the sex doll

Our sex dolls have a metal skeleton and are made entirely of silicone (TPE), making them look lifelike. There are different options for offering the sex dolls, so each client can have his or her own doll and there are sex dolls that are used by several clients. The sex doll is always used with a condom and water-based lubricant. In this way the user can use the sex doll hygienically and the sex doll is easy to clean with sextoy cleaner. We are happy to advise the way in which the sex doll is presented to the client.

It is also possible to offer the sex doll with a removable vagina, so each user has his own vagina in the sex doll. This does take extra time in preparing the sex doll for use. The removable vagina is also best used with a condom.

Our advice is to offer the sex doll with a normal vagina and to use it with sufficient water-based lubricant and condom.

Quality and the best price

We offer a high-quality product, at the best prices. Because we would like to contribute to solving this problem, they offer healthcare institutions an extra 21% discount on top of the current promotional prices on our website. All prices include VAT and shipping.

Discount code: zorg21 (*)
(*) This discount is valid on the sex dolls we deliver from stock.

It is also possible that we put together a package for you containing:

  • 1 sex doll 165cm with all options
  • 3 different heads
  • 3 wigs (blonde, brown and black)
  • 1000ml water-based lubricant
  • 100 condoms with lubricant
  • 4 * 150ml sextoy cleaner

Total price: € 1950, –

The package can be viewed here.

Of course, the package can be adjusted as desired, so the total price can be higher or lower. Please contact us for good information and to put together the right package. We can deliver this package within 2 working days!

Explanation and advice on the use of the sex doll in healthcare

Of course it is possible to visit us in Drachten, The Netherlands, we will give an extensive product explanation. It is also possible to make an appointment for a personal delivery of a sex doll of your choice, we will explain everything on location.

We are available 7 days a week from 09:00 to 22:00 and can receive you by appointment.